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"42" The Jackie Robinson Story

Starring: Chadwick Boseman (Jackie Robinson) and Nichole Beharie (Rachel Isum)


Merry Christmas!


From the Desk of Christine Wright, Chicago, ILL
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From the Desk of Christine Wright, Chicago, ILL
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29 03, 2013

Reboot: The Beautiful Imperfection of Brandy

March 29, 2013|

Brandy_Norwood_Brandy5By Tiffany E. Browne

Social media was abuzz one particular evening in February. Brandy Norwood had hit the stage at LA Live’s Club Nokia. Instagram photos of the five-foot-seven beauty went viral. Concert goers took to Twitter with excitement as she performed their favorite hits. The hits kept coming with classics such as the “Sittin’ Up in My Room,” penned by Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds, receiving […]

25 03, 2013

Black Love At Its Best

March 25, 2013|

Neighborhood Inaugural Ball

Keeping a relationship running smoothly is hard enough without paparazzi, fans and gossip columns hounding you every second. So we thought we would give a nod to those celebrity couples who mix work and play and keep it looking good no matter how hard it becomes.

Here is Monarch’s list of Black love at its best!


Monica […]

24 03, 2013

The 2013 Pagani Huayra: Art In Motion

March 24, 2013|


A Mighty Wind: Named after the Andean god of wind (of course), the Huayra is an artful offering.

A Pagani is more than just a car. It is a rolling work of art, painstakingly created and beautifully rendered.

Horacio Pagani’s customers don’t seem to mind the brand’s obscurity. If you can peel off an easy million for a new Huayra, which starts at $849,000, this car may […]

24 03, 2013

Tiffany Yellow Diamonds: Superlative Quality and Uncommon Beauty

March 24, 2013|


Tiffany Enchant /Cushion-Cut Yellow Diamond Ring

Tiffany Yellow Diamond

A square, step-cut yellow diamond ring set in 18k yellow gold and platinum cushion-cut yellow diamond with a diamond set in 18k yellow gold and platinum. Carat weight .99; round brilliant white diamonds; carat total weight .44.

Price: $17,100

24 03, 2013

Dolvett Quince: Simple Workout Techniques for the On the Go World

March 24, 2013|

Fitness trainer Dolvett Quince wants you to commit to the total you.
By Tiffany E. Browne

SONY DSCIt is no secret that we are in a society where patience is a lost virtue. We are eager for instant gratification and we are constantly wired or wireless. For better or worse, we somehow manage to tie our health into the madness of our lives. We say we want a change […]

24 03, 2013

Christophe Claret: Soprano

March 24, 2013|


A soprano isn’t merely a type of voice or a hit HBO show; it’s also the name of the latest creation of master watchmaker Christophe Claret and his team of top craftsmen. The combination of highly creative minds and the ability to transform dreams into reality gives watch lovers something amazing to behold.

The movement inside this beauty is a hand-wound mechanical […]

24 03, 2013

Denzel Washington: A True Character On and Off the Screen

March 24, 2013|


It is hard to even begin to describe how incredibly talented Denzel Washington is as an actor. Hailed as one of America’s favorite movie stars, not even mega-stars like Tom Cruise and Will Smith can claim his repertoire and consistency at the box office. Washington has mastered roles like a hero pilot who successfully lands a catastrophically damaged plane despite the fact he’s flying high […]

24 03, 2013

Celebrity Philanthropy: Giving in the Spotlight

March 24, 2013|

According to report derived by W.K. Kellogg Foundation, African Americans give away twenty-five percent of their income per year. This destroys the myth that African Americans do not give back to their communities. With this recent discovery we decided to place a spotlight on those who have been an agent for change in their immediate communities and the world around them.

Keep in mind; you don’t need to be a multi-millionaire to give back. It is […]

24 03, 2013

Defining Your Leadership Style: The Strengths and Weaknesses

March 24, 2013|

Sem-Pict-Leadership-dicesDISC, an acronym for dominance, influencing, steadiness, and compliance, uses a series of questions each with four answers. Respondents indicate which style is most and least like their own. Susie Lantz says she usually sees four core leadership styles emerge from these assessments. Individuals often tend to be a combination of styles, each with their own strengths and weaknesses.

“To get the best results on a team, it’s […]

24 03, 2013

One Tough Cookie: Pressing towards an AIDS Free Generation

March 24, 2013|

Cookie-JohnsonCookie Johnson shares her passion and fight for others behind the AIDS/HIV cause.
By Tiffany E. Browne

Twenty-two years ago Earleatha “Cookie” Johnson began the ultimate crash course; fighting and surviving AIDS/HIV 101. At its beginning, it is a course that took a deer-caught-in-headlights Cookie and transformed her into a fighter for others; especially for women and children living with or who are at risk for contracting the virus. […]