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Will Walters, Founder

Sylvia Crawley, Co-Founder

Sylvia Crawley, Co-Founder


With the release of our Health & Wellness edition, we are delivering the message that
wellness encompasses so much more than an hour at the gym. Although physical
exercise is certainly important, it is only one component that gets us on track for overall
wellness. Mental imbalances are rampant within our community due to traditions of
physical and psychological trauma and abuse. Failing to address the internal issues to
simply focus on the external creates an imbalance that limits our performance, growth,
and, ultimately, the lifestyle we would like to achieve.
Monarch’s ongoing mission is to provide content that improves and empowers our
readers. We aim to put our community in a position to enjoy a lifestyle without
limitations. Therefore, we have partnered with individuals who lead by example, using
their resources to end the legacy of suffering in silence. Our cover features the beautiful
and talented Taraji P. Henson, who is doing just that with the launch of The Boris
Lawrence Henson Foundation, founded to eradicate the stigma around mental health.
Ms. Henson started this nonprofit and named it after her father, who struggled with
mental health after serving in the Vietnam War.
Also in this issue, we feature the words of experts in both traditional and nontraditional
methods of achieving mental, spiritual, and physical wellness, and show you some of
the best luxury wellness retreats around the globe. Let’s make this year all about
progress and revitalization. When we are 100% whole, we can live our best lives. Let
the journey begin!

– Will Walters, Founder

– Sylvia Crawley, Co-Founder