Will 2

Will Walters, Founder

Sylvia Crawley, Co-Founder

Sylvia Crawley, Co-Founder

Relishing in our mission to make navigating the world easier and more irresistible for our readers and ourselves, this issue we take our readers on a summer excursion, increasing experiences, expanding boundaries, and removing all limitations on what lifestyle can be. We expose our readers to indepth experiential travel ranging from Barbados to Rome.

Relax and allow us to provide transportation suggestions that will make the journey just as enjoyable as the destination! While navigating the seas, immerse yourself within the opulent luxury of the Savannah superyacht and if you go it by land arrive at any destination in style within the 2018 Lincoln Navigator. As the temperatures increase, learn how to deconstruct your day to make boss moves from the dynamic duo Robyn Dixon and Gizelle Bryant from the Real Housewives of Potomac. But let’s continue to explore beyond Potomac and discover other blossoming addresses throughout the US. Through these experiences, we had the opportunity to connect with this edition’s cover person. NE-YO as he graciously shares his evolution as a gentleman.

This edition is full of items, advice, and products to inform, transform, and evolve this summer into an unforgettable one. HAPPY SUMMER!

– Will Walters, Founder

– Sylvia Crawley, Co-Founder