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Will Walters, Founder

Sylvia Crawley, Co-Founder

Sylvia Crawley, Co-Founder

This summer is an exciting time, a time to pursue opportunities that can enrich and enhance one’s life.

In addition to the season being one that brings happiness, I also must say that I’m equally elated to introduce MONARCH’s upcoming e-commerce efforts!

This will include more customized content brought to life through video, highlighting travel, automotive, culinary, and many more luxury experiences to service our reader’s exquisite tastes!

Speaking of greatness and taste, I am honored to announce that Chef Marcus Samuelsson will grace MONRACH’s cover this summer.

Marcus is a man of many talents and anyone who encounters him quickly learns that his skills should not be limited to the kitchen!

In addition, we spent time with the first lady from the hit TV series Power

as she performs her first photo shoot revealing what is currently empowering her, motherhood!

But that is far from it, this fun-filled issue is packed with information that enhances and empowers your lifestyle!

From foods that bring power to your meals, to coasts brings you the best seafood, and what styles to choose to stay looking cool in the summer heat,

I would like to personally invite you to 2017 Summer Global Issue!