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Dawn Michele SurrenderSURRENDER

Artist: Dawn Michele

Her new worship album, Surrender. With this album, Dawn hopes to be able to pierce the thick skin that so many of us have had to build up to protect our hearts and minds against fear and disappointment. “This armor that keeps out the bad,” explains Dawn, “also dulls our sensitivity to the calling of the Spirit to become vulnerable to God and reach out to Him in worship without fear. Glorifying God is not only our highest calling, but worship calls out truth to our own souls within us, setting us free from the chains that bind our own emotions, thoughts and choices.”


Artist: Titus Showers

Titus Showers known as the lead singer of two-time Stellar Award nominated sibling group, The Showers’ has signed a solo record deal with his family owned record label A&P Records.


Artist: Casey J

The Gathering album releases January 25, 2019, as the first collaborative project from Integrity and Tyscot, two of Christian and Gospel music’s largest independent labels. Additional album details to follow with information on Casey J available.


Artist: Saving Grace

Taking a step sideways from their renowned high-end modern studio production to a more stripped back and sonically raw approach, ‘Recidivist’ is some of the band’s most darkest and heaviest material to date. The single was engineered by Zorran Mendonsa who handled production duties on the band’s first three studio albums (Behind Enemy Lines, Unbreakable and The King is Coming) and the video was directed by Scott Hansen at Digital Thunderdome (Bury Your Dead, A Day To Remember, Carnifex, The Ghost Inside). The band announced that they are working on a brand new studio album entitled INTO HELL for a 2017 release on Facedown Records, which will feature the new single.


Artist: Maylene And The Sons Of Disaster V

Fronted by former Underoath vocalist Dallas Taylor. The Alabama-based sextet might be led by a guy who used to be in arguably the biggest Christian band out there today, but their approach is far grittier, not to mention secular, as they bravely attempt to mine the blues and country-drenched sounds of the American South. It’s a tactic we oldsters have seen too many times before, as young rawkers have tried desperately to appear “soulful” by bringing out the country/blues licks and singing with a slight accent, but starting with their self-titled 2005 debut, Maylene and the Sons of Disaster proved they were on to something potentially cool.