Monarch Headlines Fall Music2

Josh_Sinton_2018_Photo_by_Johannes_Worsoe_Berg_K1A5982 copyPREDICATE TRIO

Artist: Josh Sinton

Brooklyn-based baritone saxophonist Josh Sinton is no newcomer to creative music.He’s honed his composing, improvising, and impressive musical range, and released several recordings with his bands Ideal Bread, Musicianer, and holus-Bolus. Now he leads his musically flexible Predicate Trio in a debut CD that’s as compelling as its long, lyrical title. Buoyed by cellist Chris Hoffman and drummer Tom Rainey, Sinton sings, wails, howls, and growls through six originals and a trio of free improvisations. Alternating between baritone sax and bass clarinet, Sinton proves himself to be among the top tier of low horn players. Recorded live in the studio, the album bears all the raw immediacy and gratifying surprises of a live concert, one that, thankfully, listeners can return to again and again.

Annie Chen photo by Sabrina Liu copySECRET TREETOP

Artist: Annie Chen

In her sophomore release New York-based vocalist and composer Annie Chen expands the jazz palette with global influences including Eastern Europe folk, traditional music from her native Asia, and even the Italian sonnet. Her international octet featuring guitar, violin, saxophone, trumpet, piano, bass, and drums shines in her innovative and sophisticated compositions. Chen’s voice soars through lyrically charged melodies, Balkan and Middle Eastern- inspired lines, complex rhythms, and thrilling improvisations. With Secret Treetop, Chen gives us a first-rate vocal jazz album, one that both honors and transcends the genre.

2018-09-21 Spektral with Miguel Zeno_n __photo_by_Daniel_Kullman_for_Bitter_Jester_Studios_sm_X5A0156A copyYO SOY LA TRADICIóN

Artist: Miguel Zenón

For his eleventh release as a leader, acclaimed saxophonist and MacArthur “genius” Miguel Zenón enlists the Chicago- based Spektral Quartet for a new original concert-length chamber work. Decidedly modern yet drawing on cultural- folkloric traditions of the saxophonist’s native Puerto Rico, the piece features eight movements for saxophone and string quartet which demonstrate Zenón’s trademark compositional intricacy. The suite shimmers with rhythmic complexity, buoyant melodies, innovative technical feats,

and emotional depth. Spektral Quartet plays with precision and aplomb, providing a satisfying complement to the dulcet grace and power of Zenón’s horn.

Don_Byron_Arua_n_Ortiz_photos_by_Jimmy_Katz copyRANDOM DANCES AND (A)TONALITIES

Artist: Aru án Orti z and Don Byron

The first duo outing from pianist Ortiz and clarinetist Byron is good news, indeed. Both are established jazz artists who’ve put their own stamp on the music, incorporating such varied influences as classical and Latin, Cubism, and comics. Together, they engage in stunning musical conversations revealing intellect, wit, lyricism, and breathtaking instrumental virtuosity. The pair’s strong rhythmic and conceptual connection to dance comes from their roots—Ortiz is Cubanborn and Brooklyn-based, while Byron is from the Bronx with a Caribbean family.

Myriad3_Promo2 copyVERA

Artist: MYRIAD3

The Toronto-based trio’s former albums contained pieces with such eccentric inspirations as the sound of a clothes dryer. On their fourth outing, their creatively expansive Muse continues to be in evidence, with influences including shoegaze and hard rock, little wooden mallet instruments, and Igor Stravinsky. All this, along with the creative chemistry of keyboardist Chris Donnelly, bassist Dan Fortin, and drummer/multi-instrumentalist Ernesto Cervini, amounts to a cohesive sound that grabs listeners with its quietly compelling self-assuredness. This is meditative, mesmerizing music filled with exceptional playing, fresh compositions, and sonic details that delight.