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The most valuable sixth man in the league. If you are on the court this is the wing man you would want in the paint with you.

Ramsey exploits include painting murals and directing big budget animation film, Rise of the Guardians is not only Ramsey’s feature directorial debut, but its release also marks the first time a big budget PG_rated animated film has been directed by an African American.

Felix was named the female athlete of the year by the International Association of Athletics Federation. At this year’s Olympics the sprinter took home three gold medals: the 200-meter race, and was part of the relay teams who won the 4×100- meter and 4×400-meter races.

With a congregation of over 30,000, Bishop Jakes has a portfolio as diverse as his congregation. Utilizing the Potter’s House, films, books and music to spread the Lord’s gospel, TD Jakes is definitely bringing the message to the people!

Already a TV star, this King of Comedy and syndicated radio host, has added some other major accomplishments: developing his self penned book, Think Like a Man, into a number one hit movie and becoming the talk show host for the infamous TV series, Family Feud! It’s safe to say that this is a great year for Steve Harvey!

Declared the greatest female player of all time, this year Williams won her fifth Wimbledon. She is quite the business woman as well, designing clothing for Puma, Nike and her own fashion line: Aneres. Her credits also include stake owner in the Miami Dolphins franchise.

Senior Foreign Policy Advisor and United States Ambassador to the United Nations.

Roberts is the co-anchor of Good Morning America after Diane Sawyer left to anchor ABC World News Tonight, Under their partnership the Roberts-Stephanopoulos team led Good Morning America back to the top of the ratings and became the number one morning show again after beating the TODAY show in the ratings in April 2012 for the first time in sixteen years. Roberts was also inducted into the Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame as part of the hall’s class of 2012 for her contributions to and impact on the game of women’s basketball through her broadcasting work.

The third African American mayor of Newark, New Jersey, Booker raised the national profile of Newark, contributed to the documentary Miss Representation, commenting on women in politics within media. He also encouraged Mark Zuckerberg creator of Facebook to donate a whopping $100 million to the Newark School System and single-handedly saved a woman from a house fire, where he suffered smoke inhalation and second degree burns on his hands.

Ambrose has a personality as fantastic as her fashion sense! She has launched a new show, Styled by June, transforming her clients from the inside out!

This housewife has moved on up! Gracing the cover of EBONY magazine, as well as a noted appearance in Vogue, Leakes has went from a reality star to a reoccurring role in the new NBC show The New Normal.

Smalls has accomplished top tier positions within the modeling industry and continues to make serious strides as she is named the ninety-ninth most desirable woman.[/wpcol_3fifth_end]