Innovation and new markets are growing at lightning speed. We live in a world where cars listen, TV screens bend and machines can write with no humans necessary. We are rapidly growing to reflect the futuristic cartoon, The Jetsons.

Here’s a look at the current tech trends that are defining the future of small business:

Is your company equipped for the future now?

The idea of having a “personal cloud” for storage is so 2011. Now you can combine office, mobile, Web-based and even home-based storage options to achieve near automatic data on everything from your smartphone to your TV-set top box. The line has become blurred in terms of personal and business use of such technologies.


Hewlett-Packard, Lexmark and Canon have touted their Web-enabled printers for years, but the equipment wasn’t all that useful and frankly became unnecessary. Thanks to the current crop of mobile devices, you can send documents to printers directly from your smartphone or tablet. Instead of lugging along a ton of material on your business trip, you can store documents on your device and print them as needed.


Manage your workload with a touch of the finger. Innovative technology has helped bring the price of doing business way down! Solutions like touch-controlled office kiosks, interactive point of sale terminals and employee inventory systems are now at your disposable. The ViewSonic VX2258 touch-controlled monitor can be installed in a store or medical room as a low cost kiosk.


There is no need to spend big money for the desktop pc. Sectors like health care, financial services, hospitality and retail, along with government and education are all tuning into the idea of IT networking. PCs are quite frankly becoming weaker and weaker by the movement, if they are not connected to a processing network that is full power.


Fast and precise service providers are investing heavily in (LTE) Long Term networks. AT&T, Google and Clearwire are entering a space that Verizon Wireless once dominated. This move will ultimately provide consumers with more options and revolutionize the mobile experience for small business owners. This is happening fast, so expect LTE packages sooner than later.


GM, Ford and Toyota have made it possible for business owners to stop thinking company car and begin thinking about the vehicle as a moving cubicle! Low cost tracking tools and productivity features like Ford’s Crew Chief vehicle management app.


Voice control technology is an always ready assistant that can help you while driving. Voice recognition tools such as Nuance Communications offers the Dragon Go voice recognition app.

CAN YOU WRITE THIS DOWN? Bye-bye secretary! Now there are machines that can write! Automated Insights has put its writing program to work creating more than 400 Web sites, 700 Twitter feeds and 400 mobile apps. This thirteen person firm creates every single grammatically correct word in this network by machine!