Fashion Sense

Will Walters, Founder
Sylvia Crawley, Co-Founder

Regular readers of MONARCH understand that the magazine you’re holding now is designed to be a beautiful visual escape as well as a source of information. providing inspiration about everything you love,extraordinary experiences, cultural insights, and products that are both timely and timeless. I hope you’ll linger over these pages and keep them around awhile. (And if it’s more immediate information you seek—for your next trip, gallery show, or restaurant reservation—we’ve got plenty of that on

Just as the media is changing, so is fashion. If you follow that industry closely, you know that the cycles of new designers, new shows, and new shops are being disrupted. But even if fashion is just a casual interest, you are nonetheless affected by the shifts in how fashion is made and marketed. More than ever, savvy consumers like you recognize that fashion without meaning is of limited value, and that things need to matter.

What we hope to convey is that style is more about the person in the suit or dress—their beliefs, their choices, their place in the world—and that is more important than the clothes.