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Jesmane Boggenpoel – THE BLOOD UNITES US ALL

An experienced business executive and a former head of business engagement for Africa at the World Economic Forum in Switzerland. She has served on the boards
of various South African and international organizations. She is a chartered accountant (South Africa) and holds a master’s degree from Harvard University’s JFK School of Government. Jesmane was honored as a Young Global Leader of the World Economic Forum and is a Harvard Mason fellow. Speaking with Monarch, she shares her unique experience in the financial sector and how reckoning with her racial identity transformed her life!

Icon-squareJohn Burns and John Hartsfield

The Making Of An Icon. People always ask what does it truly mean to be an icon, and what does it take to become one. Well, the founders of the Icon to Ican Foundation and the creators of Icon Talks, John Burns and John Hartsfield would say that it is about the positive change and impact that a person has on their community and their selfless acts of service that would identify someone as an icon.

Troy Vincent – The Game That Givesvincentintro

Humanitarian and executive vice president of NFL operations, Mr. Vincent brings his expertise, values, passion, and character to meet the challenge of reinventing, reeducating, and reestablishing the meaning of American football.

Cleo Anthony – My Favorite ThingsCleoAnthony

Actor Cleo Anthony star of Spike Lee’s hit Netfilx series


Shares a few of his favorite things !!

Jahi Winston – A Hit Above The RestJ.Winston

From The Lion King to The Streets of Boston

J. Winston constantly evolving and breaking new ground as he navigates his way to the top!

It’s not the number of projects you’ve been in but the quality of projects!

Not a truer statement has been made when it comes to the career of J.Winston!

Michael Alan Stein – Two Decades in FashionMichael Alan Stein

Michael Alan Stein is a costume designer and the chief fashion designer of the eponymous Michael Alan Stein Collection; a prestige, ready-to-wear women’s apparel line launched in spring 2012.

A career spanning more than two decades, Stein’s costume designs have graced many premiere stages across the United States including: the Guthrie Theatre, Minneapolis, MN; Steppenwolf and Goodman Theatre, Chicago, IL; Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Washington, DC and the Long Wharf Theatre, New Haven, CT.

On stage, screen and personal appearance, his designs have been worn by such celebrated artists as: Whitney Houston, Angela Bassett, Jane Seymour, Erykah Badu, Jennifer Holiday and Elizabeth Berkley. Read more…

Edmound Newton – Tailor MadeEdmound 1

As a former model, Edmond Newton received exposure to the fashion world sparking an energy of creativity that would lead him to starting his own fashion line, Noirsoul Menswear. Noirsoul Menswear is a high profile fashion brand for men with lots of inspiration from the music era of the 70s and 80s.

Noirsoul generated a buzz in the fashion industry leading Newton to appear on season one as one the fourteen designers on NBC’s fashion reality show, Fashion Star. Fashion Star gave Newton the opportunity to work with three of the top retail stores: Macy’s, Saks Fifth Avenue and H&M. Read more…

Wendy Pittman – Let Girls Be GirlsWendy Pittman

As a child of the 70s, Wendy Pittman grew up in a time when girls could wear the same Dungarees as boys and get away with it. Girls were able to roll up their sleeves and tackle the elements of outdoors without the worry about being dainty as a porcelain doll or looking like a miniature pin up model.

Girls were able to roll up their sleeves and tackle the elements of outdoors without the worry about being dainty as a porcelain doll or looking like a miniature pin up model. Clothing options included more primary colors, less pink and hardly any frills. Read more…

MALENA RUTH medMalena Ruth – Celebrating the modern urban woman through feminine lines

In fall 2008, Malena Ruth launched her effortlessly sophisticated clothing lines, known as MALENA RUTH. Glamorous, chic, opulent comfort, refined and alluring are adjectives that can be used to describe both the women and her collection. Ruth creates collections that help women embrace their personal beauty and feel undeniably, and even unapologetically feminine. Read more…


Theo Hackney -Creative Director Designer Sportswear

The road to Theo Hackney’s premiere collection launch for fall and winter 2010 entitled, “The New Frontieri” started more than eight years ago. Its’ evolution began to emerge and develop as a start-up. From 1988 through 1997 Hackney held a number of retail administrative management positions, starting with a four-year career at Saks Fifth Avenue where upon completion of the management training program he became actively involved in most areas of strategic planning and allocation of designer merchandise. Read more…