Cleo Anthony

My Favorite Things

Actor Cleo Anthony star of Spike Lee’s hit Netfilx series “SHE GOTTA HAVE IT” shares a few of his favorite things!

Monarch Magazine What is your favorite food?

CLEO ANTHONY:Grits! Hands down grits! All kinds of grits: breakfast grits with butter and milk, dinner grits with chicken stock instead of water, sweet grits, savory grits, you got grits and eggs, cheesy grits, chicken and waffles sub the waffles for grits, ya got… HAHAHAHA!!

Monarch Magazine What would be your ideal role?

CLEO ANTHONY:I got two: 1) a superhero franchise. It’d be a boyhood dream come true. And, 2) Hitch! Gimme a rom-com to sink my teeth into and it’s off to the races, I’d have so much fun with that.

Wild card: I’ve always wanted to be a rock star but I can’t sing or play guitar (even though I keep buying them), so 3) a Lenny Kravitz biopic! I’d get to star in a movie… while being a rock star… Life. Done.

Monarch Magazine Who is your favorite artist?

CLEO ANTHONY:Changes with the tides. In music, today it’s Paul McCartney because I just saw him live, yesterday could be Dave Matthews Band, there’s Gary Clark Jr, Lil Wayne always, the Roots, it depends. Acting-wise, same thing: Benedict Cumberbatch, Jeffrey Wright is God, of course Denzel, my boy Tom Hiddleston, Will…

Monarch Magazine What are you reading currently?

CLEO ANTHONY:Just finished The Surrender Experiment by Michael A Singer and Journeys Out of the Body by Robert Monroe. About to crack into My Big T.O.E. by Tom Campbell. There’s more to life and our existence than you could ever possibly imagine and they truly do not want us to know about it. Educate yourselves.

Monarch Magazine Who would love to work with ?

CLEO ANTHONY:All of the actors mentioned above. I wanted to play Will Smith’s little brother in Bad Boys 3! Haha!! I even wrote a treatment for it! Come to find out, it’s already been written. I believe they start shooting this year. Called my agent… no little brother. But I haven’t given up hope.