Dolvett Quince: Simple Workout Techniques for the On the Go World

Fitness trainer Dolvett Quince wants you to commit to the total you

By Tiffany E. Browne

It is no secret that we are in a society where patience is a lost virtue. We are eager for instant gratification and we are constantly wired or wireless. For better or worse, we somehow manage to tie our health into the madness of our lives. We say we want a change or once we make the change we want to maintain the healthy goal we have reached. Taking the initial steps towards your health goal and maintaining it both require work, but how committed are we?

“We live in a quick fix society,” says Biggest Loser health and fitness trainer Dolvett Quince. “People don’t dedicate themselves to the lifestyle. People don’t fall in love with working out. You have to fall in love with this lifestyle and make it fun by turning it into a social event. Take a friend or two when you workout.”

Going into his third season with the Biggest Loser, Quince knows all about how to have fun in the gym. He is the master mind behind Pure Energy, a class offered at his Atlanta gym that includes an intense workout regimen, with a DJ spinning high energy hits that are sure to give you an eargasm while building your motivation and toning your muscles. His clientele is a roster of notables that includes the well muscle toned actress Angela Bassett and former Baltimore Raven and current NFL free agent Daniel Wilcox. From his every day clients to the well-known public figures, Quince says they generally want his help with common areas.

“It really depends on the gender. The men want to increase strength. That means working out their abs, chest and going for bigger arms. Women generally want to concentrate on their stomach, hips and butt,” says Quince.

In order to make sure his clients receive maximum results, Quince often implements a combination training session that works two to three body parts at the same time.

“A lunge twist is a perfect example of a combination workout. You start with your arms out, step into a lung and twist from your core. It’s working your gluts, the butt, legs and your core at the same time,” says Quince.

Another example of combination workouts are a round of burpees. While doing a variation of a burpee, you place your hands down on the floor, with your feet behind you; think a push up position. You jump up while swinging your arms upward and continue to do these in a set. Quince suggests burpees as they give you a full body workout.

For those keeping up with the Biggest Loser, it is hard to put fun and working out in the same sentence, let alone fall in love with it. Each season, each week, participants are put through a vigorous training session that that test their stamina, psyche and may leave viewers shell shocked at the degree the participants are pushed to and question if it is all worth it. The show may tip on the lines a bit when it comes to the monotonous shoving in our face the “quick fix” lifestyle. However, it is evident that each participant does work hard at reaching a goal.

“The show is definitely intense and extreme. On the show, I’m training people three hours at a time,” says Quince.

For the average person looking for similar results Quince suggests modification to the time. Instead of attempting to do three hours of an extreme workout, Quince says to pace yourself with a thirty minute to an hour session.

Quince, who also created the Me and My Chair workout video, offers simple exercises you can do while traveling, in the office or anywhere you find yourself alone with spare time and a chair. It is a no excuse simplistic workout using your chair as your tool or prop.

“Using an armchair to steady yourself you can do squats and dips. You can also use a chair to do pushups with your hands on the ground and feet in the chair,” says Quince.

Losing weight is a challenging process that requires a lot of patience and will power. Quince understands this as he is not just a fitness trainer, but he also likes to advise his clients with a few dietary tips.

“I like to share something I do that’s called the 3-1, 2-1 diet. I eat clean: going for the sweet potato verses regular potatoes or wheat bread over regular white bread: for three days and on the fourth day I eat whatever. Then the next two days I eat clean again and the next day it’s whatever. The trick is I don’t go beyond my caloric count. Not even on my ‘whatever’ days.”

Quince also wants you to be mindful of your portions and because sometimes we find ourselves so deep in the trenches in our office work, he also suggests using an alarm to remind you to take a break and eat.

“I try to work with you on your total being. I can’t stress how important it is to have clarity in your mind as it will help you function better. I’m there coaching or encouraging you to listen to your body. My voice is pushing you to help you build your confidence. I want you to reach your goal.”

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