Future Funk

Prepare for Tahj Mowry’s A Triple Threat

Actor, Dancer, and Singer

Quadruple threat Tahj Mowry has the mic now. An already well-established television and film actor, the Los Angeles-based singer, songwriter, and dancer seized every opportunity that he could to write music. Inspired by the likes of Michael Jackson, Prince, and Usher, he’s been following this muse for quite some time – even though his immediate family and closest friends initially had no idea.

“I kept it under wraps,” he laughs. “I always knew that it would become the focal point of my life. Now is the perfect time. I got hungry to get my music out there this year. It’s my biggest passion.”

In 2014, Tahj joined forces with mega-producer Excel Beats with whom he’d collaborated intermittently in years prior. Holed up in the studio, they would write together, constructing songs literally from scratch and building a formidable body of work in the process. Rather than relying on a pre-designed template, they literally architected something entirely their own.

“Excel is like the other half of my brain musically,” he goes on. “We build everything from nothing, and it’s a really creative and fun process. I wanted to create my own sound. Everyone will get to hear exactly who I am.”

Tahj emerges armed with his aptly-dubbed “Future Funk” genre. A seamless crosssection of pop, hip-hop, soul, and dance music, it heralds his arrival as a dynamic and diverse performer backed by live instrumentation and engaging production.

“It’s a mix of the old school and the new school,” he affirms. “It’s very funky, but it’s futuristic. It blends everything I love, and it’s true to myself. It’s super edgy. It’s got a lot of attitude. It really hits hard.”

You’ll instantly feel songs like the first single “Flirt.” Beginning with a funkified guitar riff, orchestral horns, and a slippery groove, the track instantly seduces once Tahj’s voice takes hold. “Anyone who knows me knows I’m a huge flirt,” he grins. “I’m just a nice guy who loves flirting, so I had to write a song about it. It’s that story of being single, going to a bar, getting tipsy, and meeting people without any inhibitions. It’s fun.”

Then, there’s “Dancing Alone,” which shimmies from a big funk bounce into an EDM-inspired breakdown. “I like that it takes you through a very relatable journey,” he continues. “It doesn’t necessarily have to be in a club. You catch yourself or your girlfriend dancing alone at a club. It’s very visual, and I feel like a rock star when I sing that.”

Tahj’s impact on the acting world remains palpable. He is currently starring in the popular ABC Family series Baby Daddy; and he has had other very notable roles on Full House, Smart Guy and Kim Possible. He’s garnered nominations at both the Teen Choice Awards and People’s Choice Awards in addition to winning over countless fans globally. He also continually uses his platform to help others, supporting charities such as Project Mañana Dominican Republic, the Pediatric Aids Foundation, and even sponsoring a well for The Thirst Project in Swaziland.

His connection to everybody will only strengthen now that he’s front and center, mic in hand, with his forthcoming full-length debut album. “I want to have my own lane,” he leaves off. “I hope everybody can relate to what I’m doing. This is me. It’s honest, and it’s real. I hope they can put headphones on and vibe.”