Maserati’s Levante Modena

The Rise of Luxury: a Balance Between Innate Elegance, Dynamism, and Driving Pleasure

The design concept of the Levante combines coupe lines with interior space for five people and exceptional aerodynamic efficiency. “The Maserati of SUVs” is instantly recognizable from a distance thanks to its imposing grille inspired by the sensational Alfieri concept car but also pays homage to historic Maserati cars like the Tipo 60 Birdcage. In MY21, the look of the Levante’s front had already been updated to feature the innovative front grille with tuning fork design. This front grille comes in chrome for the Gran Lusso trim and piano black for the GranSport.

The three new trim levels—GT, Modena, and Trofeo—have been developed not only to meet all customers’ requirements and expectations but also to epitomize the various overarching themes of the Maserati range: innovation, performance, and design.

The brand’s DNA is thus expressed in unique proposals, the result of the synergy that has played out between the Maserati Centro Stile and the product development team on research into materials, design cues, and dedicated features.

From a stylistic point of view, the three new trim levels feature the new Maserati logo on the hood (included in the range from the MC20 onward), new Trident logo on the C-pillar, and refreshed lettering on the rear. There is also a specific trim level badge (bearing the wording “GT,” “Modena,” or “Trofeo”) on the sides, just above the three iconic air intakes. The new Maserati lettering appears on the central screen as well, as does the new “Trofeo” logo on the headrests.

Just like the previous MY21 version, Levante MY22 features taillights with the boomerang design that recalls the history of the Trident brand.

The Levante Hybrid remains the “Maserati of SUVs” through and through, including for its sound, which retains the usual characteristics of any other Trident-brand car despite being a hybrid. The sound is achieved with no use of amplifiers but solely by acting on the fluid dynamics of the exhausts and using resonators tuned to produce that characteristic sound. From the moment you get into a hybrid Maserati onward, you still hear the unmistakable sound of a Maserati engine. In perfect harmony with its DNA, Maserati has selected a hybrid solution that aims most of all at maintaining performance while simultaneously reducing consumption.