New Movie Trailer: THE END AGAIN

THE END AGAIN is a pensive portrait of a couple’s last day together as they emphatically end their six year relationship. Joe and Jane have reached an impasse. It’s moving day, but knowing that it’s over doesn’t make it any easier to walk way. The mood is somber yet routine as Jane prepares their tea like she’s done so many times before. Joe helps her pack up the last of her belongings eve as she prepares to shut the door on their relationship and walk out of his life. Throughout the day, they muse on memories shared and rehash old arguments. Still the outcome remains the same. It’s over. In the end, their final farewell is emotional yet cold. Jane leaves. Joe is left along. The end has arrived. Or has it?

The contemporary romantic drama illustrates the sometimes complex yet nuanced struggles that often accompany breakups as Jane Salmon (McCall-Short) and Joe Maxwell (Short) attempt to reconcile their personal battles of conscience against a love that still remains. THE END AGAIN is a prequel to the forthcoming feature length film entitled OPENENDED, which reunites Joe and Jane for a single day to mourn the loss of a mutual friend and to confront unresolved feelings.

Directed by E C. Roberson
Produced by Latisha Fortune
Written and produced by Felicia Pride
Executive Produced by Columbus Short

Twitter: @openendedfilm

Hashtag: #loveopenended