Episode: VI

Welcome to Culinary Conversation special segment Focused on Celebrating

Black Men & Black Fathers. 


A FIVE STAR SERVING OF Commitment, Discipline, Dedication, Legacy & Love.

3-day series designed to focus on the role of the Black Father, as well as the responsibility and bond of African American men. In each episode, Fathers express their approach to parenting, careers, and skills they apply to navigate negative biases, stereotypes & systemic racism.

Tune into this segment, and watch CEOS OF No Limit Entertainment and P. Miller Enterprises, Actors, Rappers, Entrepreneurs, Investors, Filmmakers, Producers & Philanthropists Percy Miller “Master P” & Percy Romeo Miller ”Romeo” discuss the bond of Father & Son, the importance of financial literacy, creating generational wealth & legacy. 

We invite you to tune in and enjoy a conversation designed to elevate, and empower Black Men.

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A first-generation American of African and Caribbean descent, Chef Cynthia Chea Pean focuses on nutrient-dense, disease-fighting cuisine featuring ingredients, techniques, and flavors of the African diaspora. As an avid traveler throughout Africa, the Caribbean, and the United Statesshe takes every opportunity to expose herself to native foods and local traditions, adapting her recipes to honor the history and communities behind them.

Her innovative and unique globally inspired cuisine is beloved by A-list Hollywood celebrities, Tastemakers, and political icons.

NEW ORLEANS, LA - JULY 05: Rapper Romeo Miller and dad/record producer/rapper Master P is photographed for Essence.com on July 5, 2019 at 2019 Essence Festival in New Orleans, Louisiana. (Photo by Michael Rowe/Contour by Getty Images)


“MASTER P”         “ROMEO”

CEOS OF No Limit Entertainment and P. Miller Enterprises, Actors, Rappers, Entrepreneurs, Investors, Filmmakers, Producers & Philanthropists.

This father & son dynamic duo are both serial entrepreneurs that firmly believe in ownership, financial literacy, family, and putting God first, which is the key to their success.

The Father: Percy Miller also known as “Master P”
In the ’90s executed the biggest music deal in history which became the blueprint for other existing music moguls to follow. His independently owned music label No Limit dominated the music scene selling over 100 million records worldwide. From there he extended his brand into movies, tv, and products. Oh, and if this wasn’t enough somehow, he found the time to train and not simply try out, he played in not one but two NBA teams, the Charlotte Hornets and Toronto Raptors.

The Son: Percy Romeo Miller, also known as “Romeo”

Born and raised in New Orleans, began his music career at the age of 10 years old, he started delivering a string of hit records, and from there directed his gifts towards tv and film. The young superstar didn’t stop in entertainment, due to his athletic prowess in basketball. Universities came calling, offering him full athletic scholarships. Romeo Miller decided to put a robust career on hold to attend The University Of Southern California studying Business and film. After completing college, he returned to launch multiple movie and television projects where he serves not only as an actor but also as the producer and financier. He partnered with his father Percy Miller to build No Limit Entertainment and P. Miller Enterprises. He wears many hats s but his most important endeavors are his philanthropic efforts where he is the co-founder of Team Hope Foundation.