Maintaining Orgasm: Don’t Stop

The Importance Of Maintaining Unity In The African American Community

Now that I’ve gotten your attention, you can get your mind out of the gutter. No, this isn’t an article on how to extend an orgasm in bed, but how to maintain an orgasm of unification in the African-American community. With the many attacks on men, women and children, young and old, in the African-American community, now more than ever is the time to stand together. We cannot afford to reach a high point, regress, and then have to rebuild to reach another high point like one has to do with an orgasm. We must maintain that high point at all times because our lives literally can depend on it!

The recent killings of nine wonderful human beings in South Carolina, who were studying and teaching the Bible, show the world once again that there are too many people who don’t believe black lives are important. Yes, a lot of people blame the racist whites for this senseless crime, but I also blame us as African-Americans as well because we have allowed the ideals of this world to creep in and infect our way of thinking for far too long. Unfortunately a lot of African-Americans have continued to believe the lies that were fed to us many years ago, and it has become worse in my opinion since the end of the 1970’s. If you haven’t done so I encourage everyone to Google the “Willie Lynch Letter.” This was a letter written a long time ago to slave owners on how to control us as African-Americans, and their plan continues to work to this very day.

Keeping the orgasm involves our not relinquishing our fervor to fight and making sure we realize we are not the exception but the rule. We are indeed the rule when it comes to excellence, and can’t allow statements like “the first black this or that” to make us believe it is only possible and expected for a few to achieve excellence. Of course we are to celebrate all the first African-American people that paved the way for us to be successful in so many areas. However, this is to be expected! We must teach our children that excellence is to be expected and has been the rule of our people long before we were brought here against our will.

We are a compassionate and loving people who have attempted to adapt to the ways of this country. We attempt to adapt in order to appease and fit into a puzzle that wasn’t created for us to fit in. There is no need to continue to try and do this. We must once and for all realize who we are, what we have contributed, and continue to contribute to a world that would be lost without us. We as Africans and African-Americans set the foundation in order for the world to function, period! Just ponder that fact for a moment and that alone should give you strength. We were the first race to appear on this planet we call Earth, spoken into existence by our heavenly father who we know of as Christ Jesus. Every other race evolved out of the African mother and father who we know of as Adam and Eve. After we were forced to come to America we continued creating the foundation by building this country for free which allowed this nation to become the standard for the rest of the world to model after and strive to live by. We were not made to be the exception but the rule, and our ancestors before us knew that.

We haven’t kept the orgasm throughout our history in this country and have allowed so many – black, white and everything in between – to rob us of our constant orgasm of strength and pride. People from other countries come and enjoy the foundation we created by starting businesses, building family strength, and gaining riches. However, we continue to fight among ourselves over less-than-frivolous reasons, allowing our demise to continue. More than any time in our history we must now keep the orgasm if we plan to survive this onset of hate that has been unleashed in our communities. The marches and meetings must continue, not only when something goes wrong but to keep things going right.

Whatever progress is made must continue to be steady and strong. I also believe we must stop focusing on what any racist whites are not doing for us or doing to us. We need to focus on what we need to be doing for ourselves and each other. Not all whites are racist; I am referring to the ones who choose to continue to breed that hate. A tremendous amount of time is wasted pointing out individuals who can only be changed if they choose to do so. Focusing on what we can and should be doing for ourselves will assist in alleviating some of the crimes that are being committed against us because there is power in unity, and strength in loving who we are as a people!

When we learn something that can uplift, share it with our brothers and sisters so they too can be uplifted. This is the primary area where we have fallen short. We are like crabs in a barrel, not supporting one another especially when some of us have the power and finances to do so. Too often we do not help to fight for a cause unless it directly affects us or a loved one; and some of us still will remain silent even if it does. No, not all of us but far too many of us have done this at one time or another! We must also now more than ever recognize that black is indeed beautiful and there is no place for self-hate. You are all beautiful … young and old, black boy, black man, black girl, black woman, from the blackest to the lightest. I will end with this statement I made up for you to address to others and keep in your own mind, when people try to make you feel “less than” because of your blackness or any other reason:

I am indeed God’s creation.
If you have a problem with any part of my physical person,
Take it up with him!
Genesis 1:27