Music: R&B / Soul

Monarch R&B/Soul Recommendations

Norah Jones
Pick Me Up Off the Floor

With her seventh LP “Pick Me Up Off the Floor,” Jones clears away the weight of genre signposts and disentangles her process to affirm twin strengths: her sterling voice and empathic songwriting. Whether singing about existential dread, finding hope in darkness or the pain of heartbreak, Jones gracefully translates those feelings into intimate moments of personal action and emotion. The album’s title even reckons with that dual strength, laid out and calling out for someone to lend a hand. A variety of discomforts put Jones down, but the process of rendering them in song is an act of uplift.
When daily life in modern America feels compounded by an endless array of issues and calls for hope, Jones’ songs pare away details to let the big moments speak for themselves.

Arlo Parks
Collapsed in Sunbeams.

British singer Arlo Parks has developed a reputation as your favorite songwriter’s favorite songwriter, with co-signs from Billie Eilish, Phoebe Bridgers and Florence Welch. The 20-year-old’s breathy voice and sensitive lyrics create an atmosphere of vulnerability. To listen to her songs is to be transported to a specific place and time: listening to a friend’s problems over Taco’s or trying to get a depressed person out of their bedroom. That immediacy is why her first album-length statement has developed such a buzz.

Zayn Malik

Malik’s sophomore solo album “Icarus Falls” dropped in December of 2018, but the singer has kept a pretty low profile since, appearing on a remix of SHAED’s “Trampoline,” “Rumors” with Sabrina Claudio. However he teased us by leaking a few tracks from his new project “Better,” which received rave reviews. Thus far, the songs are mellow R&B tracks showcasing his song writing ability.

Lana Del Rey
Chemtrails Over the Country Club

The 35-year-old singer-songwriter released “Let Me Love You Like a Woman” as the first single ahead of Chemtrails Octobrer 16th release. She assured in the IG clip that she has finished her upcoming album and that “It’s folky, it’s beautiful, it’s super different from Norman [F—ing Rockwell].”