Omar Brock

Founder of the Brock Foundation, Inc.
Encouraging The Youth To Ascend To New Heights

Captain Omar Brock discovered his passion for flying later in life. While training as a flight attendant for Delta Air Lines, Omar learned about the staggering diversity gap within the field of aviation during his onboarding process. He decided to course correct to become a commercial pilot. Most recently, he was inducted into Delta’s Propel Program, receiving a CJO, which he considers a full-circle moment. He credits Delta for driving his desire to become a pilot. Now, along with his team, he is committed to leveraging his professional background and love for flying to inspire and empower minority youth to discover the world of aviation.

By: Taroue Brooks

MONARCH: What inspired you to work in the aviation industry?

OMAR BROCK: Course correcting to becoming a pilot came at the cost of identifying a problem in the aviation industry and the need to want to fix it. The lack of diversity enticed me to defy the odds of becoming a part of this select group that dons the title of pilot, and now that I have arrived, I intend to provide access to any minority youth that show interest.

MONARCH: Why did you create the Brock Foundation, Inc.?

OMAR BROCK: The Brock Foundation was created to build runways for minority youth to take flight. Exposing them to aviation allows their dreams to materialize as they see and learn from pilots they can identify with. Teaching young African American teens how to fly and become pilots changes generations.

“Nothing else matters. The idea of changing generations if we get this right makes my heart full, that’s enough motivation to sustain my lifetime.”

MONARCH: How do you stay motivated in such a competitive industry?

OMAR BROCK: I’m in the business of investing in people. I believe we are all called to serve others in some capacity before our time is up. That is the gift of flight. Nothing else matters. The idea of changing generations, if we get this right, makes my heart full. That’s enough motivation to sustain my lifetime.

MONARCH: Only 2.8% of pilots are African American. What do you feel can be done to garner more interest within the African American community to work in aviation? It’s hard to understand inclusion until you’ve been excluded.

OMAR BROCK: There are three main things that contribute to this troubling statistic: lack of exposure, lack of access to resources, and the high cost associated with flight training. We can garner more interest via providing free education, training, and opportunities for exposure. This is ultimately what we are focusing on here at the Brock Foundation.

MONARCH: What are your goals for the foundation?

OMAR BROCK: Our goal here at the Brock Foundation is to work hard on behalf of our minority youth to create financial support that exceeds their socioeconomic status to completely change their trajectory.

MONARCH: What does success look like for the Brock Foundation, Inc.?

OMAR BROCK: Success for the Brock Foundation is establishing the capital to put our money where our mouth is, doing what it is we signed up to do, finding resources, and giving them away with a smile.