Laz Alonso: The Truth In Deception

Las1cIt’s a real salacious story about people with power and wealth, who use this power and wealth to deceive each other,” says Laz Alonso, on his new drama series, Deception. When wealthy socialite and notorious party girl Vivian Bowers is found dead of an apparent overdose, no one is surprised. The heiress to the Bowers’ pharmaceutical empire has been tabloid fodder for years. Wild, pretty, privileged – and now dead at the age of thirty-two. But for FBI agent Will Moreno (Laz Alonso) things just don’t add up with this dubious dynasty.

Convinced the troubled girl’s death was homicide, he has a clever plan to get the truth. This plan involves recruiting his former flame, Detective Joanna Locasto (Meagan Good) to infiltrate the Lawson home.

Twenty years ago, Locasto was Vivian’s best friend and practically grew up inside the Bowers’ home. So when she appears at Vivian’s funeral, the family re-embraces her and no one is the wiser. Joanna quickly begins to uncover dark secrets and clues about why Vivian’s life was very much in danger. At the same time, she rekindles an old romantic relationship and rediscovers the allure of the luxurious lifestyle she once knew. She’s about to see once again just how the other half lives – and dies.

Born and raised in Washington, DC, Actor Laz Alonso always wanted to be an actor even though he started off on a more conservative route – graduating from Howard University School of Business and working at a NY investment banking firm. Eventually, the doors to acting opened up for him and it didn’t take him long to begin landing roles in commercials and videos.

Now, in addition to his roles in hit films like Avatar, Miracle at St. Anna, Stomp the Yard, and Jarhead, Alonso’s TV credits include a starring role on A&E’s drama series Breakout Kings, as well as guest-starring roles on The Unit, Bones, CSI: Miami, The Practice, Navy: NCIS and a recurring role in the TNT critically acclaimed series Southland.

Currently, Alonso has had the opportunity to return back to NYC to star in NBC’s soon to be hit series, Deception. He took a few moments out of his busy filming schedule to sit down with Monarch and discuss the truth in Deception.

LasA5Let’s talk about the show. What’s the premise?
Well, Deception is a murder mystery. It involves Meagan Goode’s character who is best friends with this girl who ends up getting murdered. My character is an FBI agent. This is a very powerful family and I’m in charge of investigating and making sure everything is on the up and up. i discover that it wasn’t. So I recruit Meagan to get on the team and go undercover. She plays an agent from San Francisco. Meagan’s character has a history with this family. So we are trying to find out whodunit. Everyone seemingly has a very dark past.

The show sounds very intriguing. What attracted you to this project?
First of all, I love when I read a real page turner. This was the only pilot I read last season that I couldn’t put down. Literally from the opening page to the end, it had me captured. I really liked the fact that my character is well-rounded. He’s buried in a lot of human emotion. Especially with Meagan’s character, he experiences a lot of regret because they are former lovers. So there’s a lot of history between the two characters that comes up again. So there’s a lot of tension and insecurities.

So how did you get into the mindset of a detective?
Any good actor can play a detective. It’s really getting into the mindset of a man who was once with a woman and he no longer has her, and having to deal with that. He had an opportunity and he lost it. So now he has to see his life in a different way and determine what he’s going to do with it now. Of course, the murder case is first and foremost, but it becomes a back story to our relationship.

This was not your first time working with Meagan Goode. How do you like working with her and how is this time around different?
I don’t have anything bad to say about Meagan. I’ve seen her grow. I got to work with her back in 2006 on Stomp the Yard. I worked with her again in 2009 on Jumping the Broom. I’ve seen her grow, not only as a person, but as an actress. Now she has the chance to be the lead of this show, put it on her back and show everybody what she’s got. She’s paid her dues. She is doing her thing. I’m so proud to see her in action scenes, car shoots outs, chase scenes and she also brings the drama and emotional side. She finally gets to show the world what she’s made of and throw it out the park.